Agios Athanasios Municipality

The Municipality of Agios Athanasios is situated 3km north east of Limassol Region, in a small valley, surrounded by hills, with an open view of the Limassol bay, and has been active since 1986 with around 15.000 citizens

As part of its ambitious growth programme, the municipality of Agios Athanasios is promoting a lot of initiatives and programmes self financed. Is also participating in projects co financed by Cypriot government and projects co financed by European Union.

Today, Agios Athanasios is a small developing town, which combines the advantages of an old traditional village and the comforts of a modern town.

In the south east area of the town, hotels, tourist apartments, businesses, services and shopping centers have been developed.Within the boundaries of the Municipality there is the second largest Industrial Estate in Limassol.

The Local Council of the Municipality as an institution, Provides unlimited opportunities for development initiatives, projects, services, cultural activities and active involvement of its residents with positive results that will benefit the area.