Fundación Almería Social y Laboral

Almería Social and Labor Foundation is a non-profit charitable foundation founded in March 1989 active in the province of Almería and the wider Andalucia Region of Spain, and is specialised in the field of education and social economy, including higher education and VET. In the field of social economy, the Foundation offers specialised VET courses approved by the Ministry of Employment of Spain, such as “Management of Social Economy Enterprises”, “Basic Management Labour Associations” and “basic Labour Associations. As far as higher education is concerned, Almería Social and Labor Foundation has signed an academic collaboration agreement with the University of Granada and the University of Almería providing tertiary education courses in the field of social work, law and social protection, social economy, law, sociology, psychology and other relevant disciplines. Moreover, the Foundation offers additional specialized courses in the field of prevention of occupational risks, offering a Master Degree and intermediate level courses. Last but not least, Almería Social and Labor Foundation provides training activities to organsiations of the private sector in various disciplines, aimed at professionals who want to expand their knowledge in various areas. The training provided included online courses, distance learning and physical training, with fully flexible methods for the acquisition of skills that are applicable in the workplace.